為客戶創造可復制的價值鏈與客戶一同成長 專業,專注,超值,是我們一貫堅持的原則,我們有能力整合項目數據、有良好的溝通手段并能按照客戶的業務要求提供個性化的一站式解決方案,給客戶提供直接的對口工程項目、幫助客戶達到目的。


CCEUP—A“Information Factory”of information collecting, sorting, processing, and delivering

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you with accurate, timely, convenient and efficient engineering information.

Our Mission

To be professional and innovative, conscientious and responsible, To fulfill our promise with leading service.

Our Goal

To create reproducible value chain for our customers and develop with our customers. Professionalism, concentration and value is our consistent principle. With our ability to integrating project data, surpassing communication skills and the capability to present customized one-stop solution and direct engineering information, we are strongly convinced that our client will successfully realize their objective.

      We always believe that only with first-class management can we create first-class service, standardized procedures for work processing, advanced management system, high degree of team work spirit, which are all the basis for our development and progress, and the basic reason that our customers can trust and choose us.

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